Best Air Purifier in India 2022

An air purifier also called an air cleaner, is a device that is used to improve the quality of the air in a closed space or home by separating the contaminants present in the indoor air.

The purpose of this device is to reduce harmful residues and prevent the risk of allergies and asthma caused by unclean air, people who use the best air purifiers do not have any special problems but can protect themselves and their family’s health.

Best Air Purifier in India

Best Air purifiers are also used in industry to remove impurities from the air before the process. Thus the air purifier is the first and foremost device used to combat the pollution spread around and to increase the quality of the air inside the house.

The best Air purifiers can refresh stale air, reducing the chances of health issues caused by indoor pollutants, which can trigger respiratory infections, neurological problems, or aggravate symptoms in asthma sufferers.

Quality air purifiers eliminate several types of indoor air pollutants, keeping us healthy. Once the particles are trapped, an electrical charge runs throughout the filter to kill or inactivate 99 percent of those germs, pollen, or mold spores.

These are The Best Air Purifier in India

Coway Airmega 150

Coway Professional Air Purifier Coway AirMega 150

This purifier is very beneficial for us because it purifies the air very quickly and also releases healthy air so that no one in the house is afraid of air pollution.

Let us now know about it, this purifier is only 5.5 kg so that it can be kept very easily from anywhere. it is very easy to clean or wash this air purifier, we can dust this purifier without even opening it Huh.

Carbon filter is also found in this purifier, which can purify harmful air like smoke dust inside the house, the most important filter in this purifier is the Green Antivirus HEPA filter which is used to remove bacterial viruses in the air.

The price of this air purifier in India comes in around Rs 20700, it is very easy to keep this purifier because its area is 355 square feet.

Talking about the noise level of this purifier, Silent (no noise), level 1(22db), level 2 (49db) This purifier purifies 343 cubic meters of air in our home in 1 hour. If we talk about its power, then 38 watts is done at high speed.

This purifier comes with a warranty of 5 years.

Coway Air Mega 200

Coway Professional Air Purifier Coway AirMega 200

This purifier is much better than Air Mega 150, it brings very good pure air, it does not spread any kind of dirt or dirt in the house, this purifier gives pure and healthy air to the house so that everyone in the house remains healthy and happy.

Let us now know about this purifier, this purifier is made up of four filters, its filtration system is very good, in this – Pre-Filter, Fine Dust Filter(ToPurchaseSeparately), Deodorization Filter and True HEPA Filter or in any room Can fit comfortably, its area is 364 square feet.

It purifies harmful gases up to 93%. Its filtration efficiency (HEPA)3 is up to 99.9. Air purifiers consume up to 38 watts of power. Its total weight is 7.25 kg. The price of this air purifier in India comes in around Rs 23900


Best Air Purifier in India 2022

The model name of this purifier is 4910009. This color is white. The air in this purifier has to pass through six stages for filtration. The price of this purifier is approximately 12990.

Its size is 24 square feet. If we talk about its power consumption, then it can consume power up to 50 watts only. And if we talk about its sound level, then its noise level is 30/38/49/60(dB). Its fan speed is about 3, low, medium, high, its rate is about 4.5 kg.

Honeywell AirTouch V2 air purifiers

Honeywell Air Touch V2 Air Purifier

This air purifier cleans 9 points up to 98% of all the germs present in the air and this purifier is also air-borne. Also removes any pet dander that is as small as 0.002.

All the germs present in the air, which are viruses, clean them in a single test, which is very beneficial for us so that we do not even have the disease so that we are saved from diseases.

This purifier takes at least 9 minutes to clean any one room. With a clean air delivery rate of 397 m3/h, great for medium to large bedrooms.

The technology removes pollutants through a pre-filter, activated carbon filter (FY3432/0), and double layered H13 grade True HEPA filter (FY3433/0) with 4 stage exchange. This comes with Quiet Sleep Mode that lowers the fan speed and noise level for a comfortable night’s sleep, as well as lighting controls that you can turn off as you like.

It is considered one of the best air purifiers in India.

TruSens Z-3000 Air Purifier

TruSens Z 3000 Air Purifier

As we have already known about this company on another model, we should know the model on its exact another one. This air purifier helps in filtering as well as capturing the impurities present in the house so that it can be distributed efficiently to your room. The carbon filter in the air captures gases such as odors from the air and maintains the first level of defense against dust.

Let us now know about this as well.

  • Color – White
  • Brand-TruSens
  • Item Dimensions-LxWxH28.5 x 28.5 x 72 Centimeters
  • Power Source-Corded Electric
  • Item Weight-5.7 kilograms
  • Control Method-Remote, Touch
  • Floor Area-70 meters
  • Noise Level-32 dB

Whatever its qualification was, we told you now or you are available in the mass market markets, which you will get for 23999.

Mi Air Purifier 2S

Mi Air Purifier 2S

As we have already read the name of this company above but its model is different. As it is written in hepa2 the full form of this is High Efficiency Particulate Air, which has the ability to clean any air up to 99.98 percent of the filter.

It also cleans up to 99.97 percent of the dust, particles, dander, etc. present in the air and in the hair and pets on a very large scale.

Let us now go through what is in its qualification and get to know about it very well.

  • Color-White
  • Brand -AmazonBasics
  • Item Dimensions- 1 xWxH36 x 20 x 55.4 Centimeters
  • Item Weight -6250 Grams
  • Specification Met – Bis
  • Noise Level -35 dB

As we have told you clearly about that in lines 2,4 and let me tell you about it again. It is white in color and this brand which is taken from Amazon Basic Length x Width x Height is 36 x 20 x 55.4 cm and its weight is 6250 grams and its sound level is 35 dB.

You will get it in any shop or in the market for 6999. This air purifier is from Mi company.

This best air purifier also removes all the germs bacteria algae fungus present in the air. Removes up to 99.97% of all the dust particles present in the air, which are present in the soil. Now you must know that so that we will not get sick.

Let us now go and know about it. If it is of white color, then its height is 52 cm, width is 24 cm and length is also 24 cm.

This air purifier also has a sleep mode and energy efficient so that you can use it according to the time. This air purifier also has an advanced LED display and smart app control and voice assistant, which you can use in any way you want.

This device has three layer filtration, filter harmful politics as well as has the ability to remove all viruses bacteria and other diseases etc. And you will get it only for * 8999.

TruSens Z-2000 Air Purifier

TruSens Z 2000 Air Purifier

Now let’s talk further and about the purifier as it is now the purifier which is TruSense Z200 Air Purifier its name from which the USA has approved this company which is approved in the whole market

It can be considered the most different and very good from all the rest of the air purifiers because it has been unique by the USA, so you must know what it is, then I can not tell about it, then let’s know about this air purifier.

  • Color – White
  • Brand – TrueSens
  • Item Dimensions – LxWxH23 x 23 x 56 Centimeters
  • Item Weight-4.1 Kilograms
  • Control Method – Remote, Touch
  • Floor Area,- 3500 Centimeters Squared
  • Noise Level -64 dB

As we have told you about it line by line above, the color is white. Item dimensions are length x width x height x 23 23 x 56, its weight is 4 kg, you can control it with the remote and this area falls 35 cm and its sound is only 64GB.

It is available at any major shop in India and it will be available for just 14499.

How to decide a good air purifier?

Suppose you go to a website or shop. That you get to see countless best air purifiers. Now you may be worried that how to get a good air purifier in India? Let us now give you some such information, by using which you can get a good air purifier very easily.

Before buying a good air purifier, you must check the following things once in it.

Clean Air:

The first benefit of an air purifier is to improve the overall cleanliness of your indoor air by simply removing contaminants. Given that the EPA estimates that indoor air can be 2 to 5 times dirtier than outdoor air, this is naturally very important.

Healthy Air:

Not all air purifiers have disinfectant capabilities. But those that do, such as the Carrier Infinity Air Purifier GAPA, can help keep your family healthy and your HVAC system from spreading germs from one sick person’s room to another.

Carrier’s air purifier has proven effective against 13 common pathogens including the common cold, avian flu, measles and SARS.

No more odor:

By trapping airborne particles, air purifiers help control odor. For example, they can help keep your house smelling faster after you smoke strong-smelling foods or tobacco.

Seasonal allergy control:

Suppose someone in your family is suffering from seasonal allergies at any time, then it is very important for that person to have an environment where they are protected from many types of pollen and mold. A good air purifier can make this safe easily. For this, it may be necessary to keep that air purifier in a clean environment.

Less Pet Mess:

Whether you’re allergic to pet dander or just tired of a lot of hair and constant pet odor, an air purifier can help.

Slow Dust Buildup:

No matter how often you clean, you’ll always end up with dust in your home. After all, the dust you see is actually flakes of human skin. However, installing an air purifier can slow down the rate of dust accumulation, thereby keeping your home cleaner for longer.


Lack of ventilation in homes has increased the demand for air purifiers. They reduce indoor air pollution levels, but their filters have limits. Some filters are effective for two to three months, while others may work longer. Keep checking the air filter indicator so that you can change the filter at the right time, and continue to enjoy a clean indoor environment.

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