Top 5 Best Hosting Provider in India 2021

Today I will talk about Best Hosting Provider in India 2021, So I will compare the 5 best Hosting companies. I would give my recommendations as per various situations. So I am sharing my experience with the Hosting Companies in the last 3 years.

Top 5 Best Hosting provider in India 2021


Best Hosting Provider in India

I have recommended Hostinger and I am reviewing it for 2 years. So let’s start with its Pros It is an affordable and easy to use interface. You don’t get Cpanel but you get Hpanel which is easy for beginners. You get good speeds and you don’t get Apache Servers, You get Litespeed servers that provide better speeds. They have their servers in Singapore and Asia, I have also seen good uptime. You get the UPI payment options, which is good for the Indian users to access easily

Talking about its Cons, its support was very good previously, but then it started degrading. And recently due to Covid-19, they have removed their Live Chat Support Option. You have to raise tickets, but you get replies fast. But as soon as the situation would improve, the Live Chat Support Option would come back. There is a Priority Support which is paid.

You get only 1 SSL, If you take backups, you get automated backups, for 30 days. But if you have to restore the backups, then you don’t get 1 click restoration option, for that you would have to follow a process.

If I talk about its pricing, then it is affordable It starts from ₹59/month and goes up to ₹210/month. The pricing is very cheap as compared to other Shared hosting plans. So the plans are very cheap and affordable. They have good Cloud Hosting Plans which start from ₹600/month, which is very good. So according to me Cloud Startup and Business Web Hosting would be good.

So will I recommend Hostinger? I do know that their support is slow. They do not have good live chat support, But I do not have any other option. But there is no other good Budget replacement that provides good features and services Litespeed servers and Data Centers which are in Singapore. All of such features are provided at this price point For now, Hostinger is a good budget option & the Best Hosting Provider in India 2020.


Hostinger Review 2022: Cheap and Powerful Web Hosting


Bluehost is also one of the best web hostings from EIG Companies like BigRock, Hostgator and Reseller Club also comes under it.

So let’s start with its Pros. The first pro is the interface, which is easy, simple and for beginners to set up their WordPress Website. Its Support is fast 24×7 live chat It has a good uptime and it easily handles the load.

If I talk about its Cons, You get the support, but it is not technical In my experience, the technical support I have got is not good. The inode count is very less, only up to 2 lakh. So its pricing starts from ₹199.00/month and it goes up to ₹859.00/month.

So will I recommend Bluehost? I have a neutral opinion on this. Bluehost comes from EIG Groups, so I don’t like that hosting So at this price point, it is a decent option but you can find out other options too.


A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a popular hosting but recently they have introduced so many things that it has created a lot of confusion. Here you can see their 4 plans. It starts at ₹225 and goes up to ₹1127, so their plans are a bit expensive. The Drive Plan and Turbo Boost Plan have a major difference: Turbo Boost Plan has used Litespeed servers which are fast and good, So you will find a varying difference among these 2 plans. There are many varieties of plans Every plan has a different performance, So the performance of the plans may vary a lot.

I would talk about its Pros first, Data centers are available in Singapore, You will get a good speed if you take their shared hosting turbo boost Plan. The special thing that differentiates it from all other hosting companies is its return policy. You can claim your return on a Pro-Rata Basis If you have purchased a 4 yr hosting and you have used it for 1 yr only, then you can claim a refund for the remaining 3 years. So I have not seen this in any of the hosting providers You will find this exclusively in the A2 Hosting and this feature differentiates it from all other hostings.

Talking about the Cons, I have experienced Downtime, I have seen its uptime of 99.56% I was expecting it to be 99.9% at least. There is a lot of confusion related to the plans and you will find a lot of variety. You will find different performances in different plans, Then they have Addons, which creates more confusion. If you need backups, extra SSL, you will have to pay for it If you need VPS Litespeed servers, then you will have to pay extra Firewall, Sitebuilder, Cloudflare, Malware, for every extra addon you will pay extra. Its pricing would increase if you will take their addons.

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So will I recommend A2 Hosting? A2 Hosting is not a good option for everyone at this price point But there are some special scenarios, where you can think about buying it.

Scenario 1: When its discounts increase Now you are getting it at a 50% Off, but when a sale occurs, it reaches up to 70% off So at a 70% off, it is worth it, for buying the Turbo Boost Plan Whenever there are discounts.

Scenario 2: When you require more space for your website, For example, you are getting 100GB SSD Storage for your website So if you need more space for the website then you can head onto their starter plan

Scenario 3: When you don’t know the time period of keeping the hosting Usually, it happens, that we buy hosting for 4 yrs and within 1 yr we have to abandon our tasks So in that case, you can take a refund for the remaining years.


Siteground is the most recommended hosting Recently, its prices have increased, So is it worth it now? So let’s start with its Pros This Shared Hosting comes from Google Cloud, you won’t find any other hosting on it Since you get Google Cloud, so you get a good uptime, speed, and their servers are in Singapore. They have strong Customer Care Support, they are technical, good, and fast. They have a powerful plugin that is fast for optimizing WordPress Websites, You also get a good Backup Restoration Option.

Talking about its con, the major problem is the Pricing SiteGround has increased its pricing. The most popular plans are GrowBig which is $9.99/month and GoGeek of $14.99/month. The one thing that has not increased yet is their monthly visits: GrowBig has 25k visits and GoGeek has 1lakh visits, This must-have increased as 25k visits are not a hard limit At the same price. I am getting 75k visits/ month because it is much optimized So according to me, this price is worth it because no other Shared Hosting is providing you Google Cloud speed.

Performance, stability, and customer support combination won’t be available elsewhere. But it is not for everyone, If you need the best experience for shared hosting then you can go and buy Siteground. Siteground is the Best Hosting Provider in India 2020.


Now let’s talk about the No. 1 Hosting on our List, which is Cloudways. Cloudways is totally a different type of hosting, It is different from all other hostings. Here you take Cloud servers and on that Cloudways has built infrastructure and interface. You can also take support from the Cloudways team. So Cloudways acts as a mediator between Cloud servers and you.

Talking about Pros, Its Speed, Uptime, and Performance are best It is because there are no Shared Hostings and Servers Resources are not shared Of all the hostings. I have told you, the best performance would be here There are 25+ Data Centers, including in India. You can also choose the hosting you want to use. Whether you want to use Digital Ocean or Google Cloud or AWS Then you can set up your servers and migrate them.

You can scale it, increase or decrease it accordingly. Pricing is monthly, you have to pay every month, It depends on the usage. Talking about the Inode Count it’s up to 16 lakh. You don’t get 16 lakh in any of the Shared hostings, it’s only up to 6 lakh. Buy Cloudways Hosting

They have a good support and staging facility and you can easily do team collaboration. They have a good backup and restore option and it easily handles high traffic. Its pricing starts from $10 But the traffic handled by it is way different than any other shared hosting like Siteground, which has the same pricing. The Cloudways server can handle it more efficiently than Siteground. You don’t get Cpanel as they have their own interface.

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Talking about its Cons, Cloudways can be a bit technical There is a slight learning curve. Second, you don’t get email hosting as you get it in Shared Hosting.

So will I recommend Cloudways Absolutely? If you are using a VPS server then Cloudways is a good option. If you have more traffic on your website for up to 1 lakh per month, then also Cloudways is a good option. You can easily manage, scale, upscale and downscale You will get a good performance. The best part about it is, you don’t have to keep any long-term commitment. Its pricing is based on the usage, if you used it for 2 days then you will have to pay for 2 days only.

Cloudways is one of the recommended hostings by me if you have large traffic. So you must definitely give it a try, you don’t have to invest much.


Now let’s sum this up Now I will tell my recommendations on which scenarios hostings would be suitable:-

Best Hosting Provider in India 2021 –

  • Cloudways Best Budget Hosting
  • Hostinger Best Hosting Support
  • SiteGround Best Hosting For WordPress Blogs
  • Cloudways, SiteGround Best Hosting for eCommerce
  • Cloudways Best Hosting for HTML & PHP
  • Best Hosting For High Traffic – Cloudways
  • Best Windows Hosting (.net) – A2 Hosting
  • Best Hosting For Beginners – SiteGround

For a budget option, we have Hostinger. Hostinger, Cloudways Easiest & Simplest Hosting for WordPress Installation. Bluehost is an easy option If you want to use Hosting For Indian Payment Options (UPI). Hostinger as in Siteground and Cloudways they ask for international cards.

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