Vivo V25 Pro Review: Come for the Camera, Stay for the Design and Display

Vivo V25 Pro is the latest entry in the Rs. 40,000 market, where many companies are launching new 5G smartphones. In India, the Vivo V23 Pro smartphone launched earlier this year. Vivo announced its successor in six months. This is good news for buyers.

Yes. Although the V23 Pro smartphone was quite expensive, it appears that the company has not made the same mistake twice. The V-series smartphone’s new price is Rs 35,999. This makes it more attractive to many buyers. Is the Vivo V25 Pro worth purchasing? We review the Vivo V25 Pro in detail.

Vivo V25 Pro Review: Come for the Camera, Stay for the Design and Display

Vivo V25 Pro Review

Vivo V25 Pro Design and Display

Vivo phones have always had a strong design focus and the V25 Pro is no exception. According to Vivo, design is something its customers care about so the company won’t compromise on this aspect. The rear panel of the device can change colour, making it almost iridescent. Sounds crazy, right? It is true. The colour of the rear panel changes when it is exposed to sunlight. This is quite cool.

This isn’t something Vivo is offering for the first time. The same technology was used in the Vivo V23 Pro’s predecessor. According to the company, it received positive feedback regarding this design element and decided to keep it for the new version. Fluorite AG glass is used for the back panel. It is extremely slippery. It doesn’t pick up fingerprints or smudges but it is better to have a case to protect your phone against accidental drops.

Vivo V25 Pro Review: Come for the Camera and Design

Although you shouldn’t expect high-level IP ratings at this price, it is disappointing that the IP53 rating that so many phones this price include doesn’t exist. Vivo has focused on the V25 Pro’s slimmer profile. I believe this sleek design will be appealing to users. Vivo V25 Pro’s build quality and aesthetics are excellent.

Vivo chose a curved display for the V25 Pro. Based on feedback from users, Vivo has also made this change. This phone has a premium feel thanks to its curved display. HDR10+ panel makes it easier to watch YouTube and Netflix videos.

Vivo V25 Pro Review: Come for the Camera and Design

It measures 6.56 inches in size, which is the standard size for phones in this price range. This phone is quite large. It will be difficult for those with small hands to use the device. It is easy to read in sunlight. The screen can be seen in direct sunlight with a peak brightness of 1,300nits. The 120Hz refresh rate allows for smooth scrolling, which is something most people will appreciate and appreciate more when they switch from a 60Hz display. This AMOLED screen is bright and vivid. The Vivo V25 Pro is a great screen for content consumption.

Vivo V25 Pro: Performance

The phone’s internal processor is the MediaTek Dimensity 1300 chipet. It is powerful enough for everyday tasks. The 12GB RAM variant I received for review didn’t cause any problems with multitasking. The extended RAM feature was not something I felt the need to use. The phone’s gaming experience was mostly pleasant. Genshin Impact is a graphically challenging game. The default setting was medium for the graphics, and it was very smooth. However, I experienced some stuttering while fighting intensely and when just casually wandering through the woods. This was fixed by changing the settings to low graphics.

Like the Vivo V23 Pro, the Vivo V25 Pro doesn’t feature dual speakers. According to the company, it was trying to reduce weight and save space. Vivo claims that the mono speaker can provide good sound quality, and this claim is quite accurate. It can get quite loud. For a balanced sound effect, those who use a smartphone with dual speakers may feel the need for it.

Vivo V25 Pro Review: Come for the Camera and Design

Although the Vivo V25 Pro features an in-display fingerprint scanner for unlocking the phone it is slower than other phones. Although it is well placed and didn’t reject any readings, unlocking the phone took about half an additional second.

Although the V25 Pro’s haptic feedback isn’t strong, it is quite good. A Xiaomi phone that I used recently had a slider to adjust the haptic feedback. I was able to do this with the Xiaomi phone.

Vivo’s FunTouch OS is found inside the phone. It has made a significant improvement over the past two years. You get some cool features and it is not as cluttered. However, it can be annoying to have so much bloatware. Most of these can be uninstalled. You won’t be able to uninstall Vivo’s native applications. These apps include, Hot app, Hot games, and many more. These apps don’t take up much storage space so most users will be fine. You will also see privacy-focused features on the device running Android 12.

Vivo V25 Pro Review: Come for the Camera and Design

The Vivo V25 Pro has a 4,830mAh lithium battery. This is an upgrade to the V23 Pro’s 4,300mAh battery. I was able to use the device for around seven hours with two hours of gaming, some photography sessions, and about three hours of binge watching. The V25 Pro should last for a full day if used regularly. It takes 56 minutes to charge the battery with the included 66W fast charger.

Vivo V25 Pro camera performance

The V265 Pro’s biggest USP is also its camera. The Vivo V25 Pro’s ability to capture great detail impressed me. It’s great that the colours match most scenarios. In daylight, I was able to capture some beautiful shots that I know Instagram-lovers will love. The AI mode adds drama and sometimes makes a photo look like a painting. Some people will love it and some won’t.

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